Majestic Poop Bird
Majestic Poop Bird
Majestic Poop Bird

Majestic Poop Bird

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** Wow, you all are incredible! The pre-orders sold out in the first day! I’m floored. Once I catch up with the first batch, I will do another round of ordering :) Check back here or keep an eye out on our Instagram for the next time :) Thank you so much! **

Meet Mergull the Majestic Poop Bird!

Mergull's are some of the least known majestic creatures. They can be found clumsily swimming around your boat begging for scraps of bread or swooping down from the sky to snatch your french fries. However, don't be fooled in thinking Mergull's only sit around and eat all day; they are also highly talented poopers. They are so good at pooping that they might even poop on you. Don't be alarmed; it is widely known amongst majestic creatures that Mergull poop is the most sacred poop. It is known to bestow good luck and fortune on whoever it plops on. So next time you see a Mergull flapping about, you better hope it poops on you ;)

Hand crocheted by me (Ava!) with soft, organic, bamboo and cotton yarn.

Each Majestic Poop Bird comes with a note card that states when and where on our sailing journey your Mergull was crocheted. Since we are alway's on the move, colors will vary slightly depending on availability in each country. If you have more question regarding materials please feel free to email me :)

***If you are based in Europe, please email before purchasing :) ***