Crochet Antigua Pineapple
Crochet Antigua Pineapple

Crochet Antigua Pineapple

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I crocheted these tiny Pineapples on our sail from Dominica to Antigua. Antigua is known for its Black Pineapples. They are not the color black, as you may excitedly think, but they are known for their extra sweet taste. As soon as we got to shore, I had to find a pineapple to match my little pineapple. To my surprise, I found a real miniature pineapple to go with my extra miniature pineapple! Very exciting day for me ;)

You can choose one of three options for your pineapple.

1. As a keychain

2. With a string for hanging

3. No keychain or sting. Just as is :)

See the process of crocheting these tiny pineapples on my Instagram @avacrocheto